President João Lourenço said the government is committed to bringing the pharmaceutical industry to Angola

Local media today highlighted the possibility of private investments in the pharmaceutical industry in Angola and the opening of an oncology hospital, announced by President João Lourenço.

President Joe Biden greets the few supporters he still has left at a campaign rally at Sherman Middle School in Madison, Wis., Friday, July 5, 2024.

U.S. President Joe Biden used a much-anticipated interview with ABC News to reiterate that he is the candidate to beat Donald Trump in November’s presidential election and again called his recent disastrous debate against Trump “a bad episode.”

The report covers from June 2023 to June 2024 and is based on data and evidence collected during the fiscal year

The Ethiopian Human Rights Commission (ESMECO) published its third annual report on the civil, political, and economic rights of women, children, disabled people, refugees, and internally displaced persons.