Farmer Alexander González, from Colombia municipality

"In the town of Colombia, many of its residents know Alexander González Ramos, a noble and good-natured farmer, who laughs often and has many friends even though he is still very young."

Noodle production also depends on flour supply.

In addition to guaranteeing the production of bread for the standard family basket, the Provincial Integral Food Industry Company (EPIA by its acronym in Spanish), in Las Tunas, is diversifying its production with the production of sweets, biscuits, and other varieties.

The Caja Extra service gains popularity in Las Tunas.

The popularity of the Caja Extra service in Las Tunas has reached unprecedented levels since the implementation of Resolution 111 of the Cuban central bank.

The Housing Program has debts in Las Tunas

The attention of the authorities of the territory to the housing program is a task that is not left aside, even in the midst of the complex situation that the country is experiencing in terms of the shortage of fuel and other resources.