Judicial secretary Juana Guerra.

Experience in the judicial field makes Juana Guerra Martínez an exceptional person in the Provincial People's Court of Las Tunas. Her 39 years of work endorse her knowledge, and being the judicial secretary of the Government Council nourishes her praised performance, from which the most inexperienced can drink.

Prominent producer Omar Evelio Montero Gutiérrez.

While working on his small Cucalambé farm, prominent producer Omar Evelio Montero Gutiérrez imagines the day when he will have the documents ready to be able to start several projects on other nearby lands that he received in usufruct.

Las Tunas ensures protection of the electrical system.

The completion of a trail that eliminated weeds over an extension of 30 meters, in areas where the 220-kilowatt transmission lines extend, is an important contribution of Las Tunas to the protection of the National Electricity System.

"Welder Noel Álvarez Batista is highly motivated by the recovery of the masses that grind sugarcane."

The Antonio Guiteras sugar mill, located in the town of Delicias, in the municipality of Puerto Padre, entered the current harvest on January 20, with a commitment to produce 39,387 tons.