They arrived as strangers at the municipal capital. They dismantled their suitcases and even among themselves, they concealed the strange devotion they suddenly felt for the red earth that had bathed their feet all their lives. But a hollowness quieter than nostalgia crept in without any of them even noticing it.

Vector control at homes and workplaces is prioritized.

“Jesús Menéndez” is experiencing a complex and worsening situation, with the increase in dengue cases and the municipality's declaration in the transmission phase, which forces intensifying prevention measures in homes, workplaces, and communities to stop the contagion.

Las Tunas has 20 social institutions for the care of the elderly.

Offering multidisciplinary care that transcends the medical scheme and impacts the quality of life of older adults is a priority for Las Tunas, with nearly 22 percent of its population over 60 years of age.

51st Medical Office, belonging to the Piti Fajardo Polyclinic, in Las Tunas

Framed in the former commercial establishment "El Baluarte," the 51st medical office, belonging to the health area of the Piti Fajardo Polyclinic, opens its doors to a population of more than 1,200 inhabitants, intending to bring services closer and optimize the impact of primary health care services.

Pedro José Oliva Rodríguez pours talent and love into every splint, brace or other artifice to relieve patients.

This time finding Pedrito is much easier because 26 already knows his magic to alleviate the pain of others and knows his gift of "inventing" when the person waiting on the other side of his bureau is a teenager, a disabled child, or a desperate mother who does not hide her sorrow. Then Pedro José Oliva Rodríguez multiplies and his gaze wanders far away...