Pregnant women who live in remote communities and those who have complex family situations are admitted to maternal homes

For the highest authorities in the country and in the province, the Maternal and Infant Program (PAMI by its Spanish acronym) is a priority. The figures for the last quarter of the year are encouraging in terms of the percentage of expected births.

Meeting in Las Tunas to analize the province's epidemilogical situation.

Las Tunas plans to reduce the increase in cases of dengue fever, caused by the Aedes aegypti mosquito, with the support of the communities and organizations involved in the fight against the vector.

Only 31 of the controlled medicines are fully received in the drug stores.

The Directorate of Pharmacies and Opticians in Las Tunas is working meticulously because it is impossible to meet all the needs of the population for medicines.

The Mártires de Las Tunas Pediatric Hospital celebrates its 63rd anniversary

The Mártires de Las Tunas General Pediatric Teaching Hospital celebrates its 63rd anniversary today, immersed in an important investment process, the improvement of the 25 specialties in which it provides comprehensive care, and the improvement of its quality indicators.

Dr. Marianela Zapata Romero, Director of Las Tunas "Guevara" Hospital
Dr. Marianela Zapata Romero (Nela), director of Las Tunas "Guevara" Hospital.

When the PCR announced positive, her mind was immediately diluted in the little head that was always waiting for her to grab hold of the piece of leg and white coat that remained within her reach. Contagion was inevitable. At home, the disease spread quickly and it was perhaps the first time that Nela, stripped of other "emergencies", experienced real fear for her family, but even then she could not escape the constant ringing of the mobile phone.