The doctors, with the available resources, join efforts to care for pregnan women

When the calendar wears out the leaves of the sixth month, the Health System, with the guidance of the Maternal and Infant Care Program (PAMI), in Puerto Padre, maintains at zero the mortality rate of live births, after 268 deliveries.

Las Tunas have have 108 community pharmacies

The shortage of medicines in pharmacies is one of the major concerns faced by the population of Las Tunas. Because of the lack of raw materials for their production and the instability of the coverage of card-controlled drugs measures are being taken in the territory to contribute to the health conditions of the chronically ill.

The Cuban Health Minister visited Las Tunas to asses the sector work and other related issues.

José Ángel Portal Miranda, Cuban Minister of Public Health, urged to continue implementing specific strategies to achieve sustainability in the indicators that the province exhibits today, during a working visit that focused interest on the Maternal and Child Care Program (PAMI), the epidemiological situation, and the recovery of the territory after the heavy rains.

Week of Action against Mosquitoes is underway in Las Tunas

The health personnel from Las Tunas receive the Week of Action against Mosquitoes, aimed at the prevention of diseases such as dengue, chikungunya, and zika in the midst of an epidemiological panorama marked by rains, high temperatures, and favorable conditions for the proliferation of vectors.

Dr. Ernesto Guevara de la Serna General Teaching Hospital

The Ernesto Guevara de la Serna General Teaching Hospital reached the 43rd anniversary of its foundation on June 14 with one hundred percent vitality of its services, despite the complex economic scenario faced by the country, which objectively affects such a sensitive sector as Public Health.