Second Provincial Conference of the Health Union in Las Tunas

Aware of the challenges faced by the sector due to the limited availability of material resources, but committed to the search for alternatives to achieve quality services, health workers in Las Tunas held the Second Provincial Conference of the Union of the sector, which initiated the process at this level in the country.

Alcoholism is a disease that plagues society nowadays.

Alcoholism is a disease that plagues society nowadays. The Clodomira Acosta psychiatric hospital in this province has prepared a program of support, medical attention, and awareness raising for these people.

Researchers from Las Tunas opt for the Annual Health Prize

Thirty research by Public Health professionals in Las Tunas are competing this year for the Annual Health Award in the 46th edition of the contest. This call recognizes each calendar the best scientific results in the field of Medicine, aimed at achieving excellence in the sector's services.

The Neonatology service at Dr. Ernesto Guevara Hospital achieves a 99.7 percent survival rate.

The work inside the Neonatology service requires constant observation of the tiniest detail in that newborn who appropriates breathing, feeding, and adaptation to the outside environment. There, specialized attention nestles hundreds of infants who cling to the hope of living.