Las Tunas: alert and cautious

The authorities and the population of Las Tunas remain alert and cautious because of the outbreak of the new coronavirus in the country and in nearby territories, said Jaime Chiang Vega, vice president of the Defense Council in the province, in dialogue with the press.

Las Tunas, Cuba.- He pointed out that in this context, some measures from previous stages in the confrontation with the pandemic were taken up and mentioned, as an example, the control of land borders. In this regard, he highlighted the reopening of the control points located in the community of El Yunque and to the entrance of the municipality of Colombia; and the provision of one in the municipality of Manatí, sites in which the health parameters of those who enter to the provincial territory are inspected and the data referring to the place of stay, among other details, in order to avoid the possible spread of SARS-CoV-2.

The also Governor of the province, urged citizens to extend the use of the mask, especially in public spaces and to respect a healthy distance, two actions that are among the most recommended by health authorities globally.

Chiang Vega also declared that the sale of food products and high demand products was resumed through the supply card, as this method guarantees a more equitable distribution and receives the majority support of the population, despite the imperfections still to be corrected.

"In addition, it contributes to limiting the access of queuers, speculators and resellers whose actions increased with the released sale," he concluded.
He added that despite the limitations with fuel, the transfer of patients for the hemodialysis service continues and, within the possibilities, the transportation of those who need chemotherapy. In the isolation centers, he assured, they have the necessary means for transportation of all kinds.

For his part, Manuel Pérez Gallego, president of the Provincial Defense Council, reiterated that the battle against the COVID-19 is won with the support of all the people, as key player in the strict compliance with security measures.

Regarding this matter, he said that the individual responsibility of each citizen and family is vital, indispensable support for the effort that the Government and health personnel make to keep the dangerous disease at bay in the country and in the province.

Half a year after the COVID-19 entered the national territory, Las Tunas maintains permanent epidemiological surveillance and attention to the cases that are still active.