Childcare centers continue receiving infants

More than 100 children attended childcare centers in this province the last week, as a report by authorities of the educational sector, who explained that of the 29 institutions of this type that the territory has, the majority remain with attendance of children, although it is minimal.

Las Tunas, Cuba.- Workers in the Health and Education sectors are those who demand the service the most, followed by those who work in organizations such as Commerce, Agriculture and the Food Industry. Meanwhile, more than 5,300 families have accepted the right to leave minors at home.

With important changes in daily dynamics, these institutions continue to take all measures to guarantee the protection of early childhood. On the other hand, the large group of educators and pedagogical assistants are distributed by work teams in order not to unnecessarily use the labor force.

So far, no incidents have been reported and in the tours made by education directors they appreciate the compliance with responsibility of the strategies that make possible the extreme care of infants. At the same time, methods related to the first years of life are adopted to teach them how to protect themselves from the disease through children's games and songs, since at such an early age it is difficult to make them aware of the need to prevent contagion.

Teachers include in their tasks to ensure frequent washing of children's hands, ingestion of water, establishing a certain distance when speaking, teaching them that when sneezing or coughing they must cover their mouths with their forearms, as well as placing the little ones separate from each other in nap time.