There are six sick older adults and three workers

An 84-year-old patient, who resides in the Carlos Font Pupo nursing home was informed today as positive for COVID-19, with which there are already nine confirmed in that health institution.

Las Tunas, Cuba.- Dr. Aldo Cortés González, deputy director of the Provincial Center for Hygiene, Epidemiology and Microbiology, explained to 26 that they are working on identifying the source of infection of the six elderly and three workers detected so far. Meanwhile, the movement restriction in the facility and the measures to stop the spread of the virus are maintained.

Of the other five reported here today, four reside in the provincial capital - specifically in the Health areas of the Manuel (Piti) Fajardo, Guillermo Tejas Silva and Gustavo Aldereguía Lima polyclinics -; and one in Vista Alegre, Pueblo Viejo , municipality of “Jesús Menéndez,” belonging to the “Mario Pozo” area. All those identified have symptoms of the disease.

The health personnel maintains nine outbreaks under surveillance in the municipality of Las Tunas; including the one located in the Nursing Home, one in the Integrated Medical Emergency System (SIUM), one in Melissa Clothing, one in the Provincial Court, and another in the Military Region.

With these new diagnoses, the province confirms 72 cases in the last 15 days, 63 of them autochthonous, for an incidence rate of 11.8 per 100,000 inhabitants. Since the beginning of the pandemic, 418 positive cases have accumulated: 146 imported and 272 autochthonous, with two deaths, for a fatality of 0.48 percent. So far, 179 patients the clinical-epidemiological discharge, and 205 are clinical-medical discharged.