"Colombia" has reported 52 cases of the coronavirus

Controlling the transmission event of COVID-19 generated in the Santa Lucía district of the municipality of Colombia is a priority of the health personnel, agencies, and authorities, which are working intensely to achieve this end.

Las Tunas, Cuba.- According to Oslayne Somoza González, the head of the COVID-19 Command Post in Las Tunas, 22 cases have been confirmed so far. The surveillance includes 450 people from the Popular Council 6, belonging to the Francisco Caamaño health area, and 139 PCRs have already been performed, seven are pending results.

The index case was a citizen, sponsor of a cockfighting arena, attended by people from different places, and evidently, they did not comply with biosecurity measures and social distancing.

Juan Carlos López Robles, the coordinator of Programs and Objectives of the Municipal Administration Council, explained that they restricted the mobility of people in that southern territory. Only the essential staff will remain in each workplace and remote work will be extended. Likewise, 50 percent of the transportation capacities will be maintained to guarantee physical distancing.

The agencies work to supply the population with the necessary products and services, through couriers, in the closed areas. In the Santa Lucía district, they set up a management position and a supervision commission, to verify compliance with the measures, and thus maintain strict control.

The sale of fuel is limited, not only due to the deficit of this resource in the country but also because the decision contributes to reducing mobility; there are only guarantees for basic services. The school year was stopped until further notice, except for the two childcare centers and the Francisco González Cueto semi-boarding school, which will provide the service for those families who work in key positions in the territory.

The Directorate of Labor and Social Security, he said, is in charge of ensuring medicines for people with limitations who are in the red zone. The authorities of the southern municipality are also looking for alternatives to supply the isolation centers.

Las Tunas reports 1,392 positives to the new coronavirus, 266 in the last 15 days - for an incidence rate of 49.9 per 100,000 inhabitants. In the municipality of Colombia, 52 people have already been diagnosed since the start of the pandemic.