Third dose of Abdala is applied in Las Tunas

The third and last dose of the anti-COVID-19 vaccine candidate Abdala is administered to health workers, students, and professors of Medical Sciences, as well as other risk groups included in the health intervention, which began here on May 10.

Las Tunas, Cuba.- Nilvia Agüero Batista, the coordinator of the Committee of Experts that controls the process in Las Tunas, explained that more than 26,500 workers will receive this third dose, thus concluding their vaccination schedule. The initially expected figure, she said, has been subject to variation due to exclusion criteria.

"Some of these reasons are pregnancy, COVID-19 infection, acute illnesses that contraindicate immunization or decompensate chronic illnesses." And she clarified: “some cases cannot receive the dose on the appointed day, but they have 12 days to return to the vaccination center; after that period, they are left out of the health intervention.”

The process, she said, takes place with much organization in the 24 clinical sites set up in the territory. The established protocol complies with the premise that includes the measurement of vital signs, the visit to the doctor to check the state of health, sign the consent, plus the time established under observation after being vaccinated. "So far there have been no difficulties and no serious adverse effects reported," she added.

At the same time, in Primary Health Care, the updating of population data and the preparation for vaccination continues, to extend the intervention to other population groups, starting with people over 60 years of age, as they are the most vulnerable.

“We are in the organizational phase, defining the universe to be vaccinated and clinical sites with the logistical assurance that this complex task implies. The medical personnel will arrive at the houses where bedridden or prostrate persons live. We have the support of the Government, the Cuban Communist Party, the mass organizations, and different organizations,” she concluded.

Moving towards mass vaccination cannot lead the population to neglect the measures applied in the fight against COVID-19; it is the alert of the health authorities in this province that today faces a significant increase in positive cases.