Cuban FM Bruno Rodríguez ParrillaCuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodríguez rejected accusations by U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken about alleged human rights violations in the Caribbean nation, with which they try to justify their coercive measures.

United Nations.- On his Twitter account, Cuba's foreign minister pointed out that the allusions of the U.S. official have nothing to do with the reality of the country and denounced that he resorts to lies to hide his country's problems in that area.

"The United States is incapable of justifying the inhuman policy against our people and resorts, like Trump and Pompeo, to lies to divert attention from serious human rights violations that they commit daily in their own country and around the world," Rodríguez wrote.

In another message, he said that the abuse of Haitian migrants at the U.S. border is "a disgusting expression of racist contempt for the people of Latin America and the Caribbean," and said that every individual from any country deserves respect for his or her human dignity. "Washington is not above basic moral principles," emphasized the head of Cuban diplomacy.

This Friday, on the occasion of the closing of the United Nations General Assembly, Blinken issued a statement in which he alluded to the demonstrations that took place in Cuba on July 11 and 12, calling them "peaceful" protests. The U.S. Secretary of State "urged" the government of the Caribbean nation to respect the human rights and fundamental freedoms of the people, and called on the international community to raise its voice against "repression and mass arrests."

The U.S. official totally ignored the acts of violence and vandalism that took place during those days, ratifying the support of the United States.

When these events took place, Cuban authorities denounced the involvement of people and companies in the U.S., which encouraged hatred, acts of terror, and the spread of lies. At the same time, the U.S. government tightened the economic blockade against the island, which hinders the entry of food and medicines amid a global pandemic. (RHC)