Indonesia-Latin America and the Caribbean Business Forum (INA-LAC)Cuba offers opportunities in several sectors to promote economic ties that can benefit multiple companies, said the president of the island's Chamber of Commerce, Antonio Carricarte, at an international event.

Havana, Cuba.- The executive intervened by videoconference in Panel IV dedicated to addressing the topic “Business and investments after the COVID-19 pandemic” of the Indonesia-Latin America and the Caribbean Business Forum (INA-LAC) held in hybrid format, face-to-face and virtual.

The event provides an opportunity for the business community, government officials, and stakeholders to explore ways to establish concrete economic cooperation and expand business networks virtually, Carricarte told Prensa Latina.

In his statements to Prensa Latina, the Cuban Chamber of Commerce president noted that the Forum evaluated and promoted the opportunities “that exist in our region for Indonesian companies both in trade and investment.”

“We presented, in particular, the benefits offered by Cuba's national economic development program until 2030 in several sectors,” he added.

Specifically, he outlined Cuba's efforts to increase food production and processing, increase oil exploration and extraction, “and there may be opportunities for Indonesian companies to cultivate coffee, coconut and the processing of its derivatives,” he said. (RHC)