For 12th grade graduates, 2,459 places are allocated for the day course

With the examination of the subject of Mathematics, next November 15, the entrance exams to the Higher Education begin, which offers a guarantee of careers to all the applicants, by 5,478 places in the day course, course for workers, and distance education modalities.

Las Tunas, Cuba.- This process will have similar characteristics to those previous, in correspondence with the precepts of rigor, transparency, and greater right; so that those who pass and obtain the best results will have the best chance of reaching their first requests.

For 12th grade graduates, 2,459 places are allocated for the day course, which represents more than 86 percent in this modality, which on this occasion will grant 447 more than in the previous process, with an increase in Medical Sciences majors.

Besides, this plan contemplates new Short Cycle Training programs, among which are Superior Technician in Nursing (Manatí, Puerto Padre, "Jesús Menéndez,” Las Tunas, and "Amancio"), Physical Rehabilitation, Occupational Therapy, Social Work in Health, Electromedicine, Clinical Analysis, Cytohistopathology, Stomatological Prosthesis, Pharmaceutical Services, and Radiology.

Manuel Guerrero Batista, executive secretary of the Provincial Entrance Commission (CPI), defined the concept of quotas for the day course as "comprehensive and diverse.” He specified that the filling out of the application forms by the pre-university students and the contest applicants is about to finish next September 30.

Likewise, applicants to careers of the course for workers and distance education registered between the 12th and the 23rd, of this month, in the secretariats of the faculties and the Municipal University Centers (CUM).

"In this particular, the plan is made up of protected scholarship for organizations, already granted to workers with good performance in sectors of importance for the territory. In the case of careers in which the number of applicants exceeds the offer, a selection criterion would have to be applied," Guerrero Batista said.

As happened in the previous admission process, there will be a special call for students who for exceptional reasons cannot attend the ordinary one. Mathematics will be applied on January 9, 2023; the 11th, Spanish; the 13th, History.

"The granting of places is done through the Higher Education Admission Management System, in which each entry route has its places plan and the applicants compete among those from the same route for the corresponding total," he explained.

The first process will be for approved applicants with a minimum of 60 points in the subjects of all entry routes; while those that failed the entrance exams will be in second place. Then, those from Pre-university who decided not to take the entrance exams in the year of their graduation and, finally, will be granted to applicants who have graduated from Technical and Professional Education, from the Worker-Peasant Faculty, from Pre-university from previous courses, and others that the Commission considers.

The unique condition of aptitude tests for careers such as Journalism and some of the University of the Arts (ISA) continues, so it will not be a requirement to attend and pass the entrance exams.

Batista Guerrero also said that more than 450 students have already been granted a career directly as winners of knowledge contests at provincial and national levels, members of Cuban pre-selections for regional or international Olympics in different subjects, the Pedagogical and University Colleges, and the best graduates of Technical and Vocational Education.