Las Tunas is getting ready for the next school year.

The teacher preparation seminars at the school level, the repair actions, and the assurance of the main resources are part of the preparations undertaken by General Education in Las Tunas to guarantee the start of the 2023-2024 school year.

Las Tunas, Cuba.- While families and students celebrate the end of the academic period with their usual activities, handing out grades and recognitions, the work continues inside the educational centers so that, next September, the return to the classroom is held in the best possible way.

Jorge Luis Reyes Izaguirre, provincial deputy director of Education, confirmed exclusively to the Cuban News Agency that by the end of this month, the teacher preparation seminars should be completed, the most important because it is there, in the school, where the teaching calendar takes place and the relationship with families exists.

Besides, the sector continues to be immersed in three investment works, a school in the community of Palancón, another in the southern municipality of Amancio, and a childcare center in Majibacoa; while maintenance and repairs are being carried out in all institutions to guarantee basic conditions for the coming academic year, the Doctor of Science pointed out.

Reyes Izaguirre also remarked that in the case of school uniforms, vouchers are already distributed for first and fifth grade of primary education, an item that families will buy once sales begin in the retail trade network, previous coordination with this sector.

The support of students in training in pedagogical specialties will be a strategy to reinforce the teaching coverage, especially in the provincial capital where this issue could be more complicated, he stressed.

In the same way, the assurance of the material base of study and life is foreseen, coupled with the actions from the organizational and methodological point of view in the more than 630 institutions of the territory, he added.

All of these are guidelines for a new school year in Las Tunas, the only Cuban province that managed to start the previous teaching calendar (2022-2023) in due time and manner.