Higher Education entrance exams began

After months of study, this October 3, applicants for one of the more than 2,958 places available for Higher Education in Las Tunas took the entrance exam in the subject of Mathematics.

Las Tunas, Cuba.- The Provincial Commission governing the process reports that among the available places, 700 belong to the Short Cycle Higher Technician modality -in the regular day course- while the rest correspond to bachelor's degrees and engineering.

Omar Nápoles Peña, a specialist from this entity, explained that, preliminarily, 729 Pre-University students, 28 from the Sports Initiation School (EIDE), and 29 who correspond to the contest modality and come from various sources - such as the Peasant-Worker Faculty-, are taking the examinations.

Nine locations host this exercise that opens the doors to the university, two in the provincial capital and one in each of the remaining municipalities.

In Las Tunas, 306 young people already have a career awarded directly, being winners of knowledge competitions at different levels, those belonging to the pedagogical and university colleges, or being among the best graduates of Technical and Professional Education, among other reasons.

The Mathematics exam will be followed by Spanish on the 6th and Cuban History on the 12th. As occurred in the previous process, in addition to the ordinary one, there will be a special call (November 20, Mathematics; on the 22nd, Spanish; and on the 24th, History) for those who exceptionally cannot attend the first session.

The provincial strategy for admission to Higher Education included a summer course in which trainers of each subject reinforced essential content to guarantee success in an exercise highly anticipated by applicants, families, and pedagogical groups.