Ceremony of entry into the José Martí Pioneer Organization

The blue scarf, a symbol of Cuban identity, transparency, the beauty of our childhood, and an education focused on the development of girls and boys, was once again tied around the necks of first graders throughout Cuba. "I'm already a pioneer!", a phrase repeated with joy, was mixed with the collective desire that "We will be like Che!" could be more than a desire, it could be a reality.

Las Tunas, Cuba.- The atmosphere was palpable at Julio Álvarez Rodríguez Elementary School, which hosted the provincial act of entry to the José Martí Pioneers Organization (OPJM) and the Explorers Movement. More than 5,700 children began a new stage of their lives in the province, in ceremonies as simple as they were significant.

Maité Escobar Rivero, president of the OPJM, told 26 Digital that educators, health personnel, artists, members of the Armed Forces, and other professionals met in 89 schools...; representatives from different sectors of society, all moved by the joy of the occasion. As is traditional, tying the blue scarf around the children's necks evokes emotion and makes to think of the footprints of men like the Heroic Guerrilla (Ernesto Che Guevara) and the Lord of the Vanguard (Camilo Cienfuegos).

While the sweet and firm voice of Jerson Barbán Acosta resounded with the motto: "On the path of Martí, under the leadership of Fidel, for the homeland and socialism, Moncadistas... Always Ready," his companions carried flowers in their hands, and the garment they would soon wear around their necks in their forearms.

"I'm going to study, write, and do many of the things I like to do in school," the boy said later, while Alexa Álvarez Figueredo said: "Today I feel very happy because they put the scarf on me and I will learn a lot and follow in the footsteps of my teacher.

Close by, Anabel Pérez Osorio was full of pride and fascinated by her students. "It is a great joy to see my children in the Pioneer Organization. Teaching them and seeing them read and write gives me great joy, and later on, it gives me great satisfaction to see them grow and become useful to society," said the teacher who has trained generations of students.

In Cuba, October is a month of evocations, of heartfelt tributes that touch the Island's childhood and youth specially.