Schools are organized in such a way that the health component is the priority

The culmination of the 2019-2020 school year is progressing well throughout the province. However, the complex epidemiological situation that continues in the country, fundamentally marked by a new outbreak of SARS-CoV-2, causes measures to be taken to guarantee the total success of this school period. 

Las Tunas, Cuba.- Educational officials in the territory explained at a press conference that the limited transportation situation that currently exists in Las Tunas requires that schedules to be made more flexible and that variations be sought at the different levels of education to accelerate, as far as possible, the end of the academic year.

Jorge Luis Reyes Izaguirre, provincial deputy director of Education, stressed that "schools are organized in such a way that the health component is the priority." That is why physical distancing, the use of chlorine, soapy water, and soap are vital in each of the teaching levels. 

Likewise, he said, distance work is put into practice for specialists who do not stay in front of students and the methodological preparation is adjusted in small workgroups. The 2019-2020 course closes in October, and the 2020-2021 should start on November 2.

In the case of childcare centers, the experts explained that the entry and exit times are made more flexible from 8:30 am to 3:00 pm. Children who live far from the institutions can enter until 9:00 am, whenever it is proven that their homes are really far away and the transfer becomes complex in the middle of this situation.

The parents that consider, without being mandatory, they can take their children home, can do so after lunch.
For their part, the students of the first cycle of Primary Education finish this stage at the end of September, after completing the systematic evaluations that are now being carried out in Spanish and Mathematics, in addition to the delivery of the "Album of the Homeland."

Fourth grade plans to close the course in the first week of October. And in the cases of fifth and sixth grades, they will conclude a week later, after the defense and oral presentation of the oriented practical work and the planned exams. These are Spanish Language and Mathematics, for both grades and, in the case of sixth, Geography of Cuba is added.

The directors insisted that parents who need it, because of the work they do, can continue taking their children to semi-boarding schools once the school stage is over.
The Basic Secondary teachers recognized the family's support in these months of the pandemic. They highlighted how advanced the oriented integrative seminars are, for most of students. And they said that, because of that, their delivery and presentation is advancing during this week.

"The oral presentation is held this according to a schedule established by the schools. Students can be exempted from the exposition, totally or partially, depending on the evaluations they have.
"Next week will be the revaluation and extraordinary of the subjects that are already closed; process that, for the most part, is carried out through practical exercises."

They also explained that all the ninth grade students had already filled out their cards requesting options for continuity of studies. This week, the direct grants are given, and the next, the municipal and the school level are adjusted.

"Oral presentations of the work aimed at students in the tenth and eleventh grades of Pre-University Education who are ready are also being advanced. And by September 25, this ordinary school stage should already be closing and the revaluations and extraordinary exams begin. Students who do not require these exams can remain at home. Teachers then begin an intensive preparation stage to successfully implement the adjustments for the coming school year."

Differentiated attention is given to twelfth grade students. On these dates, the contents are consolidated with a view to the entrance exams to Higher Education.
The directors explained that the rest of the teachings also adjust the schedules provided for the current situation. And they said that the measures can be increased depending on what the crucial fight of Cubans against the pandemic requires.