Futuros Constructores childcare center

The efficiency in the main quality indicators, together with the discipline and dedication of its workers during the confrontation with the COVID-19, allowed the educational sector of Las Tunas to be among the best in the country for the seventh consecutive year, along with other five provinces.

Las Tunas, Cuba.- Nílser Piñeda Cruz, the provincial director, told 26Digital that the results in attendance, retention, promotion, continuity of studies and performance in investment and repair plans are indicators that placed the territory in this position.

Comprehensive care for early childhood, either through childcare centers or the Educate your Child Program and compliance with plans to enter Technical and Vocational Education and pedagogical schools, also distinguish the “Balcony of Eastern Cuba.”

Regarding this last educational level, he pondered its contribution to the stability of the teaching coverage, which today is above 99 percent. More than two thousand teachers have graduated from the two pedagogical training centers in the territory, which today benefit Early Childhood, Primary and Special Education, and as part of the increase in the specialties that are taken there, this year 101 teachers graduate in English for Primary and 23 others in the career of Electricity of Technical Education.

Piñeda Cruz explained that until the school year came to a halt on March 23, the school process developed efficiently, despite the economic limitations caused by the intensification of the blockade. He also said that, in the presence of the new coronavirus, many workers joined various tasks in educational institutions that functioned as isolation centers and others took on tasks directed by the zonal, municipal and provincial Defense councils.

The rest of the staff kept the institutions safe, clean and organized; more than 30 centers were repaired; they recovered furniture and textbooks and planted available land in the areas of self-consumption and school gardens. In addition, the vitality of the childcare centers was maintained and since the first phase of the recovery stage was declared, semi-boarding schools in all the localities welcome the children of working mothers who require their services at this time.

The manager specified that the execution of the maintenance and repair plan continues. As something very positive, he highlighted that the Ministry of Health has already certified 493 of the 642 schools in the province, which ensures that their classrooms are ready to receive students in September.