University of Las Tunas

The staggered incorporation of teachers and students, the readjustment of the curricula enhancing the core curriculum and the reorganization of the entire school infrastructure are some of the measures that have shaped the authorities of the University of Las Tunas, in order to ensure the successful completion of the academic years 2019-2020 and 2020-2021.

Las Tunas, Cuba.- In the second stage of recovery of the COVID-19, a first period will be developed to conclude the current academic calendar, the second and third will be aimed at developing the two semesters of the 2020-2021 course. Class attendance will be organized in a staggered manner according to year and career, groups will be restructured into subgroups of 20 young people each as a maximum and conditions will be prepared in the student residence to avoid overcrowding.

"The careers have made their proposals and we have a model for weeks of how teaching will be carried out. We are currently working on modifications to the study plans, insisting on the provisions of Resolution 49 of 2020, to prioritize the core curriculum and seek certain proposals to carry out the process with fewer classroom hours," explained Aurora Ramos de las Heras, rector of the institution, in a working meeting.

The Master of Science emphasized that "this leads to a strong methodological work, which is already deployed and to the extent that the epidemiological situation of the country allows it, we will incorporate more teachers to the work in order to validate the projections. The most important thing is that we cannot improvise".

He added that one of the issues that should set the course is more independent work from the student body, which requires the development of more study guides and materials. It is also necessary to make better use of the potential of the Municipal University Centres. In these structures, many careers are open with strengthened faculties and in the current circumstances, there are various tasks that can be carried out from there, in order to avoid overloading the headquarters.

In the attendance hours, the subjects of the core curriculum will be privileged, the simple shifts will be of 30 minutes and the evaluation system will be redesigned according to the potential of each specialty.
Practicum will be planned in the towns of residence and every two months, in coordination with the University Student Federation, the Undergraduate Training Meetings will be carried out in each municipality, to evaluate the situation of the students.

In the Course by Encounters Modality, teaching will be once a week, with 10 hours/classes given. Twelfth-grade students who will enter the University College will do so at the end of the 2019-2020 academic year closing period designed by the Ministry of Education. On the other hand, deferred young people from the Active Military Service and those who have already obtained direct careers, through the Contest or the University College, will be incorporated into impact tasks.

Another of the decisions adopted is the suspension of the V International Forum of Oratory, Martí's and Latin American Thought and the V International Contest of Oratory Trenches of Ideas 2020. The celebrations of historical dates foreseen in the strategy of extracurricular activities will be commemorated in a virtual way or in a reduced composition and the external evaluation of the career of Bachelor in Marxism-Leninism and History is postponed.