Universidad 2020 International Congress

The role of the Municipal University Center (CUM) of "Jesús Menéndez" as the main strategic ally of the economic and social development of this territory is among the experiences presented by the University of Las Tunas at the 12th International Congress of Higher Education "Universidad 2020."

"Jesús Menéndez", Las Tunas.- Located in the northern and eastern-most municipality, the university center exposes its work as a key element in the local strategy regarding the use of renewable energy sources, not only for the construction of the Herradura I and II wind farms, but for implementing this vision in all the development experiences in which the municipality ventures.

According to Professor Aramís Rivas Diéguez, one of the members of Las Tunas delegation, the work of the CUM will have greater participation in the International Workshop “The university in rural settings, its role in sustainable development,” one of the 23 that will be carried out in the context of the great appointment, which is currently being held at the Convention Center in Havana.

Show innovative proposals such as the role that university scientific activity plays in the development of financing process, in the elaboration and design of projects that pay tribute to the needs and demands that are regulated in the local strategy, are among the results to be presented by the CUM at Universidad 2020, said Rivas Diéguez.

The projection –added the Doctor of Science-, is to train professional skills and competencies to position the university centers as an institution that accompanies the municipality with a sustainable approach in each line of work, program or project that it carries out, with emphasis in addition, in the involvement of students in promoting transformations from the communities.

Represented by nine delegates, two exhibitors and the rector, the representation of the University of Las Tunas attends eight events, ranging from the training of professionals, the environment, physical activity and sport, as well as the advances and projections of gender equality in Cuba.

In addition to making an exhibition that graphs the contribution of the University in the development of the province and the communication campaign in which it is immersed in order to celebrate this year the 25 anniversary of Higher Education in Las Tunas.