e75eb2983420be822eb4a68f2eb5d4e3 LLas Tunas, Cuba.- The future teachers, willing to give continuity to the beautiful mission of educating, who constitute the 45th generation of the student vanguard, received the flag from the Directorate of the University.

45th Manuel Ascunce Domenech pedagogical detachment, Las TunasThe youth expressed their commitment to the teaching profession at the ceremony, which paid tribute to the young literacy tutor Manuel Ascunce and his student, the peasant Pedro Lantigua, killed by counterrevolutionary gangs 58 years ago.

They expressed that the opportunity to integrate the Detachment constitutes a source of satisfaction, shared meanings and pride since their educational contribution is essential in the construction of the Cuban socio-economic model.

The event took place on the Pepito Tey campus of the University, as part of the external evaluation process by the Technical Committee of the National Accreditation Board (JAN). It was chaired by Marcia Esther Noda Hernández, director of Evaluation of the Ministry of Higher Education and the rector of the center, Aurora del Carmen Ramos de las Heras. In addition, professors, the first five detachments of the University and representatives of political and student organizations were present.

The Manuel Ascunce Domenech pedagogical detachment was created on May 19, 1972, at the proposal of Commander-in-Chief Fidel Castro Ruz, to encourage teacher training and ensure continuity of studies of the enormous enrollment that concluded the Elementary Teaching at that time. It has played a transcendental role in the different transformations experienced by Education in Cuba.

It was one of the important steps in the history of teacher training in the nation, as it allowed responding to the growing needs of teachers that emerged and became a cutting-edge task for Cuban youth. With this plan, thousands of professors were trained in five contingents that were organized until 1976, when there was a new transformation in the teacher training system with the emergence of the Higher Pedagogical Institutes.