More than two thousand students attend the twelfth grade

The individual and constant study has been the key to the good results of entering Higher Education in all school stages, but in times of pandemic, that truth is multiplied.

Las Tunas, Cuba.- More than two thousand students attend the twelfth grade and, although this is the largest source of entry to Higher Education, it is not exclusive.

For this reason, although the strategies are prioritized in the 18 pre-university centers that Las Tunas, it is essential that the family be involved in the details.

The authorities of the educational sector insist that students must focus their options on the concrete possibilities they have. The success of those who, at this point, do not have defined their vocations or maintain entrance aspirations well above what their most recent teaching results have been, is much more complex.

M.Sc. Juan Carlos Reinaldo, head of the Provincial Department of Pre-university, recently declared to the local press that intensive preparation should begin throughout the province at the beginning of June and that the work has been promoted through video conferences and other means.

Attend to the students in each house, keeping an eye on their main weaknesses in each subject, and insisting that they comply with the teachers' guidelines and the extra-class tasks, are issues that cannot wait for a week before the exams.

Being finalists is never a good option; in this school year, when all education requires a greater effort, that "sprint" at the end, which still seems to be the best formula for some of them, besides being dangerous, can take its toll on the best dreams in life.