Maikel Leyva Viamontes, a computer science teacher of the second-grade.

Maikel Leyva Viamontes has been a Computer Science graduate for 17 years. He began his working life as a teacher in Basic Secondary Education, but his responsibilities put him in the Heriberto Cortés School, in Jobabo, his native municipality.

Las Tunas, Cuba.- He is a base guide and computer science teacher of the second-grade pioneers, tasks that he complements with his responsibility in the Advisory Council of the municipality. He was among the recognized teachers in Las Tunas during the still recent celebrations for the 60th anniversary of the José Martí Pioneers Organization (OPJM).

He insists that training, mentoring, and guiding students cannot be just a matter of the school. “Sometimes, at home, there is not the same discourse as at the school. Therefore, the most important thing is to work together. We do not gain anything if the child sees something different in each place.

"These are very complex times and the only way to achieve comprehensive training is for the family, the community, and the school to work together."

He told me about Fidel Castro and the importance of teaching History because you learn to love the Homeland," and assured me that with determination, all of this can be achieved.

Maikel is one of the many Cuban teachers who, scattered in the network of rural education, do their best for Cuba every day, with no other reward than the smile of the pioneers.