Students must attend to the TV classes

These days, mainly through social media, many parents have shown their concern about the return to classrooms in the urban area of the city of Las Tunas and all of us, including myself, are anxious to know the exact date.

Las Tunas, Cuba.- The authorities of the sector insist that “the day is yet to be defined,” and emphasize that it depends on the specific epidemiological situation of this zone of the territory; however, they also announce that students must remain at home, in the isolation that these tough times demand.

And that, the fundamental reason for transforming the teaching stage throughout Cuba this year, not seems to be the reality if you take a look at the streets of Las Tunas. If you doubt it, pay attention, as you pass, the many children that are kept in the parks and sidewalks, some holding mom's hand and others, playing baseball.

Many are the anecdotes that fill my mind. The oldest that I now remember happened a couple of weeks ago in the Buena Vista neighborhood: while Building 13 was closed, with its neighbors in total isolation, in front of the 15 (just behind), the kids enjoyed a game in the park, with the facemask down at the height of the neck, ready to raise it very quickly if the "authority" came close.

The most recent was yesterday, in the middle of Vicente García Street, with children accompanying their parents' queue; and of course, maybe some case is due to extreme necessity, I don't doubt it, but not all of them, I am certain about it.

In the educational centers of Las Tunas, before the educational sector opted for not being present at this stage, parents' meetings were held to explain the situation and, at least in those I participated in, the teachers insisted that they were not vacations; the tutors of pupils who remain out of their homes would be severely fined. It was also explained that childcare centers and half-boarding schools would continue to receive children whose parents could not take care of them because they were working.

But all that ends up being a word to the wind in the face of indiscipline. These are not times of solutions out of a hat. The COVID-19 is still among us and the sick are getting younger every day. Behind each case, there is a tough story of the struggle for life and limitless scares, and no one is immune to this situation. I think about that, while the children run around on the street corners on any day.