University of Las Tunas

The University of Las Tunas celebrated the 45th anniversary of the constitution of the Ministry of Higher Education (MES) in Cuba with the satisfaction of contributing more than 11 thousand professionals to the development of the province and constituting a fundamental piece in local progress.

Las Tunas, Cuba.- A Twitter operation, with replies throughout the country, which brought together a group of students and teachers here, was the center of the celebration, whose campaign in social media highlighted the MES importance for the future of the nation, the advancement of science, economics, and society in general.

Responsible for the academic training of about 50 percent of the Cuban population, the MES has a total of five faculties and 39 careers in its different specialties at its home for higher studies in this eastern province, of which seven are already accredited.

The University celebrated its 26th anniversaryIn the last five years, the center deserved more than 1,400 scientific awards, among the most recent, that of the Academy of Sciences of Cuba 2020, granted to Doctors in Sciences Raquel Ruz Reyes and Aramís Rivas Diéguez, members of the Local Agricultural Innovation System (SIAL).

Other achievements in this stage were the 2020 National Pedagogy Award and the National Pedagogue Novel Award, granted by the Cuban Association of Pedagogues (APC) to the doctors of Sciences José Ignacio Reyes González, and Manuel Sánchez Rojas, respectively.

The University of Las Tunas recently reached 26 years of foundation and it did so in the middle of a readjustment of its processes due to the COVID-19, which has implied the assumption of the Lenin campus as an isolation center since the beginning of the pandemic and, more recently, the Pepito Tey headquarters.

During this period, the incorporation of students and professors to the processing of the Virtual Inquirer information, the mathematical modeling of the behavior of the pandemic in the territory, and the digitization of the Consumer Registry in several municipalities have been vital.

The contribution of the university community also stands out with the support of vulnerable people in the communities and volunteering in field hospitals on university grounds, where students, workers, and cadres take on pantries, laundry, cleaning, and cooking food.

In the midst of the application against Cuba of a media and unconventional war, this institution, and in particular the Social Observatory, strengthen the ideological-political work, for which between July 19 and 22 they hold meetings with students of the day course at the levels of faculties and municipal university centers (CUM).

Since its foundation in May 1995, the academic entity has trained professionals in the Social, Technical, Humanistic, Pedagogical, and Agricultural Sciences, as well as PhDs in Science and Master's degrees, which, without a doubt, is evidence of its contribution to the country. in all areas of development.