Schools has become vaccination centers

Denis Pérez went to the Ramón Téllez special school to receive the first dose of "Abdala". She did so convinced that this jab is a breath of life and although she will have to complete her vaccination schedule, she returned home very happy and hopeful.

Las Tunas, Cuba.- At 70 years old, no one can erase her certainties; those that make her love and feel proud of her country. She, who has been in other lands, knows how to value the essences that inhabit her own, and she says no one will be able to make her change her mind.

During these months of pandemics, her home has been her refuge to stay safe. However, “you are never fully protected because the COVID-19 can come even from those closest to you.” A few weeks ago, her son fell ill, and although she was not infected, she was exposed to risk. That is why she now knows herself stronger.

Denis recognizes that behind so much happiness are the hands of many people; from the scientists to the staff at the clinical site where she was injected. She says that in that educational center, enabled as a vaccination center for the process and located within the Manuel (Piti) Fajardo polyclinic health area, the organization and good treatment prevails; which, of course, is always appreciated.

Certainly, the mass vaccination with "Abdala" in the municipality of Las Tunas has demanded the support of many, and the Education sector has not stopped accompanying this hopeful process for all Las Tunas inhabitants.

Abiel Marino Cajides, director of the educational sector in the provincial capital, explained that managers and workers contribute to the proper development of this process, and others are ready to fulfill any task. “At the moment, the immunization is carried out in 36 schools, which have the conditions for our population to receive adequate care.

"We support, specifically, the Popular Council 4, belonging to the Guillermo Tejas polyclinic health area, which has six vaccination centers, located in family medical offices. The workers of educational centers have also helped in the decoration and contributed resources to take on this mission.”

Marino Cajides recognized the disposition of the people and the discipline with which they have come to be vaccinated. He shows his confidence in “Abdala,” the first anti-COVID-19 vaccine in Latin America, with 92.28 effectiveness percent in its three-dose schedule, and one hundred percent to prevent severe systemic disease and death.

“Together with the family, we have carried out a convocation work to achieve the greatest assistance, and we are sure the immunization will be a success. In each of our medical offices, there is a list with the names of those who should be vaccinated and thus avoid the crowds that promote the transmission of the virus.

In the municipality of Las Tunas, it is expected to immunize more than 159 thousand inhabitants over 19 years of age; of them, more than 45 thousand belong to the Manuel (Piti) Fajardo polyclinic; about 42 thousand, to the "Aquiles Espinosa;" more than 25 thousand, to the "Guillermo Tejas;" around 45 thousand to the "Gustavo Aldereguía;" and more than seven thousand, to the "Arcos Luque", in the community of Bartle.

“Abdala” is already in the communities; it represents the hope of the people of Las Tunas to defeat the virus, but the biosafety measures have to be strictly followed to achieve that common purpose.