University leader Eduardo A. Rondón

The University Student Federation (FEU) has been for the young man from Las Tunas Eduardo Antonio Rondón Martínez cradle and forge, which has allowed him to train as a leader among the students, in thought, and action.

Las Tunas, Cuba.- The recent promotion to the national secretariat of the organization, founded by the Cuban revolutionary Julio Antonio Mella in 1922, is for the medical student to spur him to continue to breathe courage into that structure and accompany the political and social evolution of the country.

University leader Eduardo A. Rondón“It has been a difficult stage and it was a challenge to have led the organization at various levels in my study center. Today I feel satisfied with the work and the successes, thanks to the unity of the group, and the rest of the leaders and teachers,” Rondón Martínez commented, who in the last two years represented the students of the University of Medical Sciences of the province.

“I think we have done it quite well,” the fourth-year student said while referring to the challenge of developing teaching and work as a student leader in unison, particularly in this last year of confronting the COVID-19 pandemic.

Just a few days ago, Eduardo finished the volunteer days in the isolation center set up at the headquarters of the University of Medical Sciences, for the attention of the Health personnel who paid attention in the institutions where they deal with the new coronavirus in Las Tunas.

These days, undertaken together with his colleagues from the FEU Secretariat at the Higher Education Center, served him to reaffirm the value of collective work and the commitment of youth to the nation, in addition to practicing solidarity and altruism.

Regarding this experience, he said that it was very gratifying to share knowledge and expertise with the medical team, learn more about the anti-pandemic protocols and take care of those who, in normal situations, teach them in the classrooms.

"We take the gratitude of each patient, we come out stronger, more consecrated, and committed to the Cuban people and public health," he said.

Now, Eduardo will continue his studies in the capital of the country, while assuming other responsibilities in the national secretariat of the FEU. Until his farewell arrives, he shares with his colleagues from the University, his family, and the friends that have accompanied him in these years of constant growth.

“Another challenge that awaits me, but that I will face with total responsibility and a sense of belonging. Of course, it is difficult, a feeling of nostalgia invades me as I get away from my family, from my brigade with which I have been for four years, from my land; but they are challenges that life gives us, and we have to assume them. I am extremely proud to represent my teammates now at the country level ”, the young man from Las Tunas stressed.