Most childcare centers have kept opened

A total of 26 childcare centers maintain their operation in the province of Las Tunas, and take in around 200 children every day, from families with essential social functions, at times of a difficult epidemiological situation due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Las Tunas, Cuba.- Of the totality of the 29 educational institutions, two located in the municipality of Jobabo are closed due to the health situation in that town, and also one located in "Colombia", which is expected to function as an isolation center for the pediatric population.

Yanara Campaña Mariné, responsible for Early Childhood Education in the Provincial Directorate of the sector, declared that around five percent of the enrollment attends kindergartens today, a minimum figure, and under strict biosafety protocols.

The separation of the little ones during the games and in classrooms, the cleaning of the surfaces, the ventilation of the spaces, the permanent use of the mask with its frequent change, as well as the washing of the hands, are part of what is apprehended by children at home and in the institution, recognized for its work to teach coexistence habits.

"Since the beginning of the pandemic, our childcare centers have maintained their services, and, to date, there has been no transmission of the new SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, which has been greatly influenced by the good behavior of workers and families", the directive highlighted.

At the same time, she commended the work of the personnel of these institutions who, even in these circumstances, do not neglect the quality of the educational process, prepare conditions with a view to the reincorporation of the bulk of infants when the school stage begins, while participating of actions in isolation centers and the vaccination campaign against the COVID-19.

60 years after its creation, childcare centers constitute an irreplaceable part of the Antillean Education System, since it is there where Cuban children acquire and reinforce their first habits of behavior, values, and knowledge while establishing social relationships outside the homelike scope.