New clinical laboratory of the Mártires de Las Tunas Pediatric Hospital.

The clinical laboratory of the Mártires de Las Tunas Pediatric Hospital is one of the new diagnostic areas of the important health care center of this territory, as part of the works in salute to July 26th, with excellent functionality for the work of the professionals and the attention to the patients.

Las Tunas, Cuba.- Nolver Alberto Galán Rodríguez has been one of the laboratory technicians at the pediatric hospital since he graduated nine years ago, and as part of the professional staff working in this area, he is satisfied with the new laboratory.

"Now we have better conditions and the premises have a better distribution to attend to patients since it was completely new, besides being more functional for our work and the equipment is in good condition."

Clinical laboratories are those where diagnostic experts develop analyses that contribute to the study, prevention, identification, and treatment of health problems, and any medical test or research carried out always passes through this area.

Another area that contributes to the quality of care at the pediatric hospital is the transfusion service, which works with patients hospitalized with clinical criteria for intensive and intermediate therapies, oncohematology, medical emergencies, and mass accidents.

 Inauguration of the transfusion service at the Las Tunas pediatric hospital
Inauguration of the transfusion service at the Las Tunas pediatric hospital.

According to Livania Moreno Reyes, one of the six transfusion hematology graduates who work there, with 22 years of experience, factor groups, and Coombs tests are also carried out on patients whose hemoglobin level is too low for the specialist to see if there is any maternal-fetal conflict and to lead them to a safer transfusion.

"Here we treat patients with leukemia, severe acute sepsis, and burns, and as it is a completely new service, with all the conditions created for the equipment, climate, bathrooms, equipment, and supplies."

These two areas are part of the pediatric hospital's on-call department, whose consultations and other services have been completely remodeled to provide better care for the children and young people of the province of Las Tunas.