556 medical offices are distributed in the eight municipalities of the province

One of the priorities of the Health System in Las Tunas is the current insistence on strengthening the Family Doctor and Nurse Program, as a strength for the communities and neighborhoods in each locality.

Las Tunas, Cuba.- To this end, an action plan is being developed in the 556 medical offices distributed in the eight municipalities of the province, where the staff of professionals is complete, most of them with specialists in General Comprehensive Medicine and the fewest with residents in this specialty.

One of the fundamental objectives of the highest authorities in the field is the repair of these facilities. To date, resources have been optimized for construction work in the 124 hospitals with the greatest problems, while others are prioritizing water supply and lighting.

The Provincial Health Directorate also focuses on improving the training of health personnel. With this in mind, specific strategies are developed to eradicate any deficiencies in patient care.

In this respect, visits to the basic working groups are systematically organized for methodological advice and work is carried out together with the Community Working Groups to strengthen actions in the neighborhoods and to achieve effective health education.

In the province, an efficient linkage of the different medical specialties with consultations on different days of the week is also ensured, in close coordination with the health areas where the polyclinics are located.

Another demand that is being addressed is the reorganization of the Basic Work Groups with a minimum of 10 teams and an increase in the number of certified MGI specialists.