Las Tunas was awarded in the relevant category at the 5th National Technical Scientific Event

The technological innovation of reprogramming the expiratory cassettes of the pulmonary ventilators of the Mártires de Las Tunas Pediatric Hospital, defended by biomedical engineers Yeranny Hernández Rodríguez and Yosvanis Oscar Fonteboa Leyva, was awarded in the relevant category at the 5th National Technical Scientific Event, developed at the Plaza América Convention Center, in Varadero.

The reprogramming of the life support equipment drivers was applauded in the auditórium, and this achievement was recognized as a significant contribution that contributed to maintaining the vitality of an essential service, and -at the same time- contributed to considerable resource savings.

In the largest event of the Electromedicine Service in the country, an award was also given to Pedro José Oliva Rodríguez; the orthopedic device with the use of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) tubes in a corset variant for the treatment of postural scoliosis in patients in pediatric age, was evaluated as outstanding.

Pedro José Oliva Rodríguez, awarded in the 5th National Technical Scientific EventLikewise, the ingenuity with which the appropriate materials were found to guarantee the health of patients with orthopedic conditions in the current times of shortage of medical supplies was distinguished.

Among more than fifty innovators in the country, the variant of manufacturing an umbilical girdle in the pre and post-operative recovery of patients, by graduates Gisela Anderson and Madelaine Góngora Martínez, from the Technical Orthopedics Laboratory, also received mention.

At the closing of the contest, in which experiences with a high impact on the quality of life of the people were displayed for two days, Alberto Andrés Charles Martínez, director of the Provincial Center of Electromedicine of Las Tunas, was awarded the 60th Anniversary Seal, and the performance of the Las Tunas institution was praised for the combination of talent and commitment in the face of the challenge of responding to the call of hospital institutions.

Director of Las Tunas Provincial Center of Electromedicine was awarded the 60th Anniversary Seal