There are more than 34 thousand medicine cards just in Las Tunas city

All the cards for the acquisition of controlled drugs in Las Tunas are subject to a gradual process of change that will make it possible to improve this service and avoid the commission of illegalities with these resources, in deficit in the country and costly in their importation and production. 

Las Tunas, Cuba.- This was reported to 26Digital by Alba Elena Estrada González, commercial technical director of the Pharmacy and Optics Company, who explained that the document used so far is currently replaced by the official model approved in the Manual of Standards and Procedures of the Ministry of Public Health, which for greater security will now be accompanied by a stamp with the Company logo, the name and a specific number for each unit.

Estrada González, a graduated in Pharmaceutical Sciences, declared that only in the provincial capital there are more than 34 thousand cards of this type aimed at the acquisition of about a hundred controlled drugs, so the change occurs gradually and with the utmost rigor possible.

The objective is to finish before the end of the current year and add to the initiative, before that date, the documentation that records the delivery of medicines issued by specialties as well as psychotropic and narcotic drugs.

As part of the measures adopted by the country's highest leadership to confront and control the new SARS CoV-2 coronavirus, there is an extension, until December of this year, of the expiration date of drug certificates, in order to avoid the influx of people to doctor's offices, pharmacies and other health institutions to renew this document.