trasplant Havana, Cuba.- The meeting took place in the context of the Donation of Organs, Tissue and Transplantation Day whose main activities Cuba hosted this year.

Donation and transplantation is an indicator of the quality of health care, and in this sense, Cuba shows favorable results, acknowledged the Network´s president, Beatriz Domínguez.

medicinaWhat are the barriers that prevent adolescents from reaching Public Health services? How many seek counseling to start sexual relationships? Do professionals really have the tools to address equitably the sexual and reproductive health needs of this population?

Las Tunas, Cuba.- These and other questions distinguished the development of workshops for the implementation of quality standards in adolescent care. The experience is being tested in Las Tunas; San Miguel del Padrón, in Havana; Cumanayagua, in Cienfuegos and Buey Arriba, in Granma, and intends to extend to the rest of the national territory.

mosquitoThe Health System in the province intensifies the actions of vector control to reduce the high rates of infestation of the Aedes aegypti mosquito, the main transmitter of dengue and other viruses that complicate the epidemiological landscape.

recienacidoThe current infant mortality rate of 3.19 per thousand newborns and the 24 months accumulated without maternal deaths show the sustainability of the work, but there are still areas to be strengthened in order to improve the indicators and complete the calendar with an index lower than 3.0.

embarazoLas Tunas, Cuba.- Osmara López Borrero, head of the Maternal and Child Section, explains to 26Digital that they carry out a differentiated work with the infertile couple in the territory. "There are around 79,991 couples, of which 10 percent may have infertility problems, so 7,999 would be in that situation. Of these, we have identified 6,841 in all health areas.