Vice PM Ramiro Valdés criticizes the Housing Program in Las Tunas

The Housing Construction Program in the municipality of Las Tunas has had shortcomings since its inception, which prevent it from being fairly successful, with works that are often of poor quality, which is disrespectful to the population.

Las Tunas, Cuba.- This was stated by Cuba Vice Prime Minister Ramiro Valdés Menéndez in a meeting with the highest authorities of the province and other executives responsible for the matter, in which he assured that the orientation of the Cuban President to finish one house per municipality daily is not being complied with.

He pointed out negative the poor quality of construction materials that are produced locally, where they are manufactured because that activity is not carried out as it should either. He indicated that homes must be made of brick and without steel, and it is necessary to monitor and demand a culture of detail in each property.

"Let's take quick steps, let's build with what we have, in the traditional way, and well, based on the experience that houses were built that way before and they last through the years, which shows that it can be done with success.”

According to the Commander of the Revolution assessments, the housing plan for the main demarcation was conceived with many deficiencies and called for the formation of social micro-brigades to materialize the constructive commitments in popular councils and neighborhoods.

He drew attention to the shortage of cement and steel; and how, nevertheless, houses are being built in an oversized way. He wondered why these resources are not used to make the basic housing cells, intended for people with less income.

By 2023, the province must deliver 1,086 homes, of which 400 are from the population's own efforts, 404 through the state institutions, and 282 are subsidized. To honor that figure, it is necessary to eliminate the deficiencies presented in 2022.