Las Tunas University holds grassroots assemblies of the 12th Congress of the Young Communist League (UJC)

With a sense of the historical moment, maturity, commitment, and desire to do for Cuba, the University of Las Tunas is holding the Twelfth Congress of the Young Communist League (UJC), in its grassroots organizations and faculties, as essential steps of a route that ends in April 2024 with the national forum.

Las Tunas, Cuba - Luis Alejandro Aguilera Lora, secretary-general of the Organization Committee in the local Alma Mater, explained that the meetings have been organized by careers and as spaces of analysis of the strengths, weaknesses, and projections of each specialty and the work of the militancy in these.

For this Friday, June 9, the exchange at center level is foreseen, said the young professor, who also specified that to date 29 meetings have been held for each study profile and four by faculties: Educational Sciences, Social and Humanistic Sciences, Physical Culture and, jointly, Economic and Technical and Agricultural Sciences.

He also said that, in the plenary session, the new leadership of the UJC Committee of the University will be presented, which will have the renewed challenge of looking forward and, above all, inward, in connection with the youth universe.

Contributing to the strengthening of the political and ideological preparation of the student body, strengthening the work of each committee, and suggesting changes in the statutes and regulations of the UJC are some of the objectives of these dialogues and the central meeting, he stressed.

A Better Youth, as the slogan of the Congress states, is the commitment of the militancy of the University of Las Tunas, where these days are of recounting, a whirlwind of ideas and achievements; collective invitation to forge the future of the nation.