Just 18 houses were built, out of a plan of 41.

The housing construction program is a priority task throughout the country, in which, according to the guidelines of the President of the Republic of Cuba, Miguel Díaz-Canel, a house must be built daily in each of the municipalities. However, in June, Las Tunas experienced inexplicable non-compliance.

Las Tunas, Cuba.- Last month, only 18 houses were finished out of the 41 planned in the state sector, which is due to the lack of rigor in the execution of this task, both by the administration councils, the construction agencies, and others with responsibilities in this regard.

When analyzing the issue last Wednesday in his Provincial Council, the governor, Jaime Ernesto Chiag Vega described the breach as a disgrace, on the eve of a new session of the National Assembly of People's Power and July 26th, the National Rebellion Day.

Chiang Vega reflected on how the territory had been fulfilling its plan up to May, but the number of houses left unfinished in June places municipalities such as Manatí, Puerto Padre, Jesús Menéndez (which maintains a setback every month in the activity), Las Tunas, Jobabo, and Amancio in tension to fulfill the plan in the current July.

This of course requires a deep and detailed analysis of what has happened in each municipality with all the entities, the investors, the construction forces, the planners, and the administration councils, especially in Manatí, “Colombia,” and “Amancio” that did not finish a single house in June.

“What is it to build three or four houses in a municipality for a whole month? With the situation we have, with the housing problems of many families; this result is unacceptable," the Governor said.

The causes that influenced the non-compliance with the June plan could be interpreted as objective because they are related to the lack of production of carpentry, windows, and doors in the municipalities; the absence of aggregates and plaster; as well as the insufficient local production of construction materials. However, all this has been a consequence of the lack of demand, of organization at work, of not taking advantage of the working day, and none of this has anything to do with the lack of resources, the Governor emphasized.

July is almost in its second half, and Las Tunas must reverse this situation to continue with the fulfillment of its housing construction plans until December. Achieving this depends on the management and responsibility with which the task is undertaken.