CoLab is planing an E-Commerce Fair in support of the ongoing bank restructing process.

An E-Commerce Fair is the proposal of the Digital Citizen Innovation Laboratory in Las Tunas, to provide products and advice to the people during the bank restructuring process that the country is developing in its digital transformation process.

Las Tunas, Cuba.- Dayalé Torres Diéguez, leader of the Innovation Laboratories for the Digital Transformation of the Culture collaborative project (CoLab), informed the Cuban News Agency that the initiative will take place on August 19 and will be an open-door occasion for the citizens of Las Tunas in this space of the network (CoLab).

Since Monday 14, the necessary coordination has been underway to organize the deployment of free services for the configuration and installation of payment platforms, such as Transfermóvil and EnZona, which will be carried out at the Fair completely free of charge, Torres Diéguez pointed out.

The invitation will include advice from specialists and institutions in the field of information technology and communications, as well as from the banking system. Such is the case of the Cuban Telecommunications S.A. (ETECSA in Spanish) and Computer Applications (DESOFT) companies, the Union of Informatics of Cuba (UIC), the Youth Club of Computing and Electronics, and the Defense Information Technology Company, known as XETID.

Also included in the support are the Popular Savings Bank (BPA in Spanish) and the Credit and Commerce Bank (BCC in Spanish), and the company Real Navarro, representative of the non-state sector in this city, which is located in the facilities of the Digital Citizen Innovation Laboratory and includes the use of technologies in its commercial operations.

This E-Commerce Fair is expected to be a day of support for the citizens of Las Tunas in the context of banking transactions, and new provisions of the country contained in Resolution 111/2023.

Banking penetration is a gradual process through which people will have more than one way to pay for their goods and services, such as ATMs, payment platforms, POS, extra cash service, and telephone banking, among others.

Since its opening in December 2022, the Laboratory for Citizen Digital Innovation has been making efforts and actions aimed at the digital transformation process in which Cuban society is immersed; hence the need to draw priority lines according to the territorial needs and adjusted to the economic and social context in which Cuba lives.