15th National Internal Control Verification continues. 

The 15th National Internal Control Verification in Las Tunas is on the path of legality, with the help of auditors, supervisors, and the support of the University students, who ensure the correct work of administrative management and the efficient use of state resources.

Las Tunas, Cuba.- One of the first stages of this internal control is in the execution, which consists of carrying out studies of knowledge of the subject to be audited - in this case companies - and planning the audit.

Marbelis Almaguer Infante.Marbelis Almaguer Infante, head comptroller of the territory, reported that this first phase has already been completed, therefore some issues have been able to be executed taking into account the different programs.

"This means that when we finish with the main program, we move on to the complementary ones, which are those related to inventories, fuel, contracting, accounts receivable and payable, transport, and road safety."

In the case of the Construction Material Company, which was one of the entities visited by the 26-press team, objective six, related to the housing program and the production of materials, is being evaluated.

In this respect, Eliades Corazón del Sol, the group leader of supervisors there, explains that they are going to analyze everything related to their main products, which are aggregates, flooring, and exterior tiles.

"After studying all this documentation, we will be able to determine exactly what we are going to evaluate because when we do all this survey, we make a planning that gives us notions of what their greatest strengths and weaknesses are."

The Tobacco Collection, Processing, and Twisting Company is another participant in the sample, with its two subsidiaries in the municipalities of Puerto Padre and Jesús Menéndez. There is a group of seven auditors and five students.

This body is analyzing goal one: implementation of the measures approved to boost agricultural production and compliance with the plan and market contributions.

15th National Internal Control Verification continues.

Mirtha Cruz Bermúdez, group leader of the audit team, says that to carry out this task the group of auditors was divided by each theme or process, and linked to them they have students to support them.

"This is a tough exercise but one that provides us with a lot of knowledge because we are linked to auditors from all the companies in the province, we have in this staff from Extra-Hotel Palmares, the Electricity, and Fishing companies, and from the audit team of the provincial government. Undoubtedly, this is a challenge that gives us experience in terms of teamwork," says the chief comptroller."

"The audit is going according to the characteristics of the economic situation in the country, which is not alien to any of us, and our auditors are also adapting to the established schedules, as well as the conditions of the company."