The bank restructuring process guarantees training to the elderly

On October 13, Cuba celebrates Bank Workers' Day. This year, the process of bankarization undertaken by the country is the focus of the sector's greatest efforts.

Majibacoa, Las Tunas.- Caring for the elderly is one of the achievements of our Revolution; they are protected in each of the transformations that the country is experiencing, always taking into account that they are considered one of the vulnerable groups in society.

The bank restructuring is one of these steps of progress, which although not new, represents a challenge for older adults. Branch 6372 of the Popular Savings Bank, located in the town of Calixto, in the Majibacoa municipality, looks for alternatives to help them and show them the advantages of this banking process.

Yacelys Rodríguez Guerrero, the director of this entity, explained to 26 that on checkbook payment days, explanations are given outside the facility about how they can pay through their magnetic and multi-banking cards.

"Two months have passed since we began paying in groups, depending on the amount of the checkbook, we took advantage of this space to explain what the bank restructuring process is, and how they can use it, thus we have met retirees who use the extra cash service."

“In the case of retirees who do not have Transfermóvil, they can make electronic and telephone payments through telephone banking, dialing 80200272 where they are assisted by an operator who asks them for the coordinates and codes to make the payment. “The population can do this from any landline at no cost.”

This bank branch has sub-branches in Omaja and La Posta, whose workers are responsible for providing proper training on banking services to the residents of these rural communities.