Twelfth-grade students are preparing for University entrance exams

The approximately 1,295 twelfth-grade students who are preparing in Las Tunas for admission to Higher Education are guaranteed continuity of studies, both university majors, or short cycle careers. 

Las Tunas, Cuba.- The M.Sc. Juan Carlos Reynaldo Cruz, head of the pre-university department, said that the 18 centers work on teaching activities during the morning and, in the afternoons, they are committed to individual improvement.

Although, he also recognized that the study also extends to the weekends and, in some places, there are work experiences at night. Likewise, students are grouped into study houses, pay attention to the teleclasses, and other related variants.

As part of this process in the territory, a diagnosis was made the last week, with all the rigor of the exams. It is about submitting the students to tests, similar to those of admission and with a territorial nature so that each student knows in what real conditions is to obtain good results.

The province of Las Tunas is recognized as one of the best results in the entrance to Higher Education in Cuba in recent years. The constancy and experience of the cloister, in addition to the tireless support of the family, are vital to keeping up the good pace.

The manager recalled that the exams are scheduled for the coming month of October (9, Mathematics; 13, Spanish Language; and 16, History of Cuba). As well as, everything is planned to, as is happening these days, comply with all possible hygienic measures as it is required in the current epidemiological situation.