The 2020 summer season ends

The 2020 summer season will end next Sunday with different activities, conceived in the broad and diverse plan despite the economic complexities and the presence in the country of the COVID-19; a program that even had the impact of Tropical Storm Laura in the end, although the province was almost without a scratch.

Las Tunas, Cuba.- The eight municipalities will bid farewell to the traditional summer stage in the way they have chosen, knowing that despite the limitations of resources, the coordinating and supplying organizations have made enormous efforts to respond as much as possible to the expectations of the vacationers.

In the joint work, compliance with the sanitary and hygienic measures planned to prevent the spread of the epidemic was taken into account, an issue that favored the non-detection of cases in the areas destined for mass recreation.

Many vacationers interviewed by various media have recognized the State's work to offer acceptable conditions and proposals for the different age groups; although they have not stopped pointing out the incongruities detected that must be taken into account to eradicate them in successive seasons, including the one related to the high prices of food products in beach areas.

A notable aspect has been the large volume of offers, without neglecting basic tasks such as those related to confronting the COVID-19, food production, services and other issues of the recovery stage, according to Jaime Chiang Vega, vice president of the Provincial Defense Council.