Table games are among the options

The celebration of the International Youth Day and the tribute to the eternal Commander in Chief Fidel Castro are among the activities planned for the month of August, in the summer strategy of the Municipal Directorate of Education in Puerto Padre.

Puerto Padre, Las Tunas.- According to Arisneldy Leyva López, representative of the institution, actions are being held to ensure compliance with the program, which include prioritizing children, adolescents and young people in communities with difficult access and of greater complexity.

Likewise, to promote the development of creative, motivating, dynamic and varied events, together with art instructors, representatives of the Sports Institute, librarians, teachers, families, community factors and the Popular Council.

The Education official told Radio Libertad that the sector conceived activities for the summer stage without affecting energy savings, moving them from peak hours, since it is a summer of commitment and responsibilities, to reach the new normal in the country.