Calixto Sarduy Arcia Psycho-Pedagogical Medical Center

"Yoel was a patient who entered at 5 years of age, and with the protected workshops, which is nothing more than the right of his legal guardians to remove him from the center. He signed the necessary documentation that allowed him to get a job and join society, always under the supervision of a guide."

 Cash withdrawals continue to be an ordeal in Las Tunas.

Withdrawing money from ATMs in the city of Las Tunas continues to be a problem that affects thousands of people, and every day the long queues. The lack of cash in these machines, and the impossibility of paying for products or services through Transfermóvil or EnZona are key to the issue of banking penetration, which is making little progress in practice beyond the numbers.

Cook Hilda Concepción.

The first days of the sugar cane harvest in the Velasco 20 basic unit of cooperative production (UBPC), in the municipality of Puerto Padre, were passing by, and in one of her plots, Hilda Concepción was working with a wood cooker. She was oblivious to the setback and the pernicious effect of the smoke and maintained her usual joviality in attending to the members of the Frente de Corte 1 (1st Cutting Frontline), of the Antonio Guiteras agro-industrial sugar company.