Grisel Lorenzo González

Nothing gives Grisel Lorenzo González more pleasure than to see the result of the work she has thought out. Appreciating the concreteness of so much work and the usefulness of a profession to which she has dedicated her existence, makes her happy. More than three decades of work in the Hydraulic Resources sector is easy to say, but it implies a lot of dedication for this woman.

Las Tunas, Cuba.- "Since I started studying the major I fell in love with it. Working here has been my life and if I went somewhere else I would not find the importance I find in this work. I like it and it is a great satisfaction when you see that the population is well served and the contribution we can also give to agriculture, industry, tourism and, finally, serve the development of society.

When she looks back in time, Grisel confirms that at the height of early youth she chose her path well. The route traced in those young years has borne fruit for the good of her province and other territories of the nation.

"When I finished my secondary education I was inclined to study architecture, but the major didn't come. I went deeper into what the field of action of each specialty was and when I analyzed hydraulics I became very interested, because I realized that it was very important for the subsistence of the human being, because without water we cannot live. If I studied it, I thought I would be able to contribute to the country's development.

Then came the studies in Azerbaijan when these people were part of the former Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. There, they experienced, first hand, the cultural differences and the disapproving looks towards Cuban women, for whom, for example, the trousers were just another piece of clothing, a way of acting that did not correspond to the standards of that society. Now she remembers those years with affection and as a stage of fertile formation.

After the beginning of her professional career, she has lived with intensity and a lot of work. Grisel is one of the workers who testify not only to her future but also to the evolution of an institute that since August 1962 has been a summary of the Cuban vision and strategy in order to place this resource within the reach of every inhabitant.

Head of the Department of Projects, a specialist in Works, technical director of the Company of Hydraulic Development and current technical director of the Delegation of that branch, Lorenzo González has dreamed of the development of her sector and has translated those ideas into projects, some of which have not seen the light; others are part of her current work.

"The city of Las Tunas, by means of credit, has been able to re-establish and build new hydraulic networks, which supports water-saving and service efficiency. We have worked in several drivers of the city, in the main one from the dam to the water treatment plant and from this to the reservoir. At the moment, the repair of the city's support tank is in the project phase, by means of an investment.

"Bartle's drinking water plant was built and is now in operation, a pipeline that from El Cerro supplies the municipality of Manatí and they are working on another one in Puerto Padre. We are also working on a water treatment plant in Jesús Menéndez, which will also benefit the town of Delicias, and on a desalination plant in El 12 settlement in Jobabo.

Today, she confirms that women are leading the way in engineering. The idea that there are fewer of us in this field is becoming more and more out of touch with reality.

"In the province, we are a few hydraulic engineers. The ones I know all have a lot of love for their work. In Las Tunas, the integrality of women is demonstrated, for example, here we are led by a delegate and a woman is also the director of the UEB of Aqueduct and Sewerage and the head of the Projects Department.

"In other provinces, several women hold these positions. I have colleagues who are technical directors in Cienfuegos, Guantánamo and Matanzas; while in Santiago, Guantánamo and Villa Clara there are delegates to the Institute of Hydraulic Resources (INRH). Therefore, we are making a great contribution to hydraulics in the country.

The efforts of Grisel Lorenzo González have a supreme goal: to contribute to the fact that an indispensable resource like water reaches those who need it and to achieve a culture of efficient and rational use. Noble ideas that for 58 years have been promoted by the workers of the guild, knowing that this is a guarantee for the future.

"In our profession, one realizes the great importance of water for the subsistence of animals, plants and human beings", summarizes with simplicity those who work with the commitment of being useful, for the people of Las Tunas of today and tomorrow.