I confess that I like the images of young Fidel better, and I'm not saying those of the twenty-year-old wearing a jacket, those of the young man with the basketball in his hands, ready to score; or those of the boy in the troubled streets of Colombia during the “Bogotazo.”

Fide plays baseballThe truth is, these photographs are unique and yes, they portray the youth of who entered the storms of politics and of course they are beautiful! But I feel devotion to those photographs that refect him with a few more years and involved in the maelstrom of a Revolution with an undeniable youthful sign.

At that time, the leader of the Cuban epic was already advancing in the decades of life and in the light of time he was not the young Law student who became a revolutionary on the University hill, the boy from the Moncada garrison attack, the impetuous one who embarked on the Granma yacht or the guerrilla from the Sierra Maestra mountains.

Thus, I see him “captured” at the moment he was talking to Raúl and Che; he was about 37 years old, the same age as another snapshot in which he participated in the inauguration of a baseball championship in Havana.

Fidel, Raúl and  Che, 1963In another portrait, he has lunch with members of the Blas Roca contingent, and at that time he was over 60 years old. Fidel, manly and vigorous, full of life, always Fidel. It's those images of already graying beards that accompanied my childhood and adolescence. Those photos are pure poetry for those of us who had the privilege of sharing a lapse of time with this universal and superior man.

At that time, Fidel was still a young man, or rather, an eternally young revolutionary. And it is that while the almanac revealed to us the evident physical transformation, the circumstances gave us back the reality of a man that maintained a fresh, creative thought, full of vitality.

Fidel absorbed in reading a book, in feverish dialogue with the Cubans, thoughtful, with his usual gesture with his hands, smiling, giving directions, cutting cane…; few times posing and, in some, not very well known, more intimate and revealing. Fidel, anchored to the present and catapulted into the future by virtue and the work of filmmakers, cameramen, photographers, historians, journalists, writers ... his people.

Fidel talking to farmers in Puerto Carúpano, Las Tunas.

Fidel Castro Ruz