La Herradura Beach, natural paradise

About 20 kilometers from the head of the municipality of Jesús Menéndez, in the province of Las Tunas, and after a road that is now in better condition than last year, there is a beautiful place in its geography, and in the people who live there: La Herradura beach, a paradise of white sand and shallow waters that welcomes visitors. 

Las Tunas, Cuba.- These days it is constant that people come and go in a community that has always had residents; but now it multiplies them because it is summer and in these months, many vacationers come to the coast, to spend the day, or to rest some days in the houses that are rented or in the village of the same name, belonging to the Accommodation Company.

It is precisely in that place that Dairis Avilés Castillo, the administrator of an entity that strives to make each day unforgettable, and which now has a renewed image, after a broad process of reconstruction and maintenance, sketches her smile.

La Herradura Beach, natural paradise"We repaired the entire villa, its 10 rooms. The interior and exterior flaking was repaired, and we installed the false ceiling. We painted all the premises and guaranteed the furniture. The green areas have a different image and the impression is different."

"Here we have the provisioning and the food; that is, breakfast, lunch and dinner, in addition to the gastronomic offers that we provide in the different points of the unit.

"The workers have the commitment to perfectly attend to all the vacationers who come to the facility so that they leave satisfied and want to return. So far, people have left with very good criteria for the group".

Also smiling every day is Flor Santiesteban Almaguer, the administrator of the Ranchón and the soul of La Herradura. That is what many call her, and not because she owns the properties, but because she is behind every process in that coastal settlement and for several years she has known how to guide many people, with the premise that the client is always right and deserves to be served with courtesy and respect.

That's why no one returns home without eating a fried fish or the tasty sweets they make right there, thanks to the ingenuity of those who never give up.

"Our intention is to give good service to the people. We have just gone through a difficult stage due to the COVID-19 and had to comply with social isolation. We are already in the third phase of the recovery stage and people need to recreate themselves, plus the children and adolescents, who have been disciplined.

"We want them to feel good and have fun during these weeks, even if they comply with the sanitary measures. That is why we are going to give them the best we have and the best we can produce, of food and pastries."

Various types of sweets, croquettes and other food are elaborated for the visitors."Resources are not abundant, but we are multiplying them. We have an innovation to make croquettes. We are capable of making up to two thousand units a day because it is a very popular food. We will also offer mango juice, infusions and lunches, in addition to various types of sweets, as it is customary to make them in the unit."

"El Ranchón will continue to be an ideal option for people traveling to La Herradura. Do not hesitate".

With that security that gives Flor, many swimmers enjoy the sand, wind and other natural attractions of this beautiful beach, which also looks very clean by the hand of man, as the Company of Communal Services was responsible, not only to place umbrellas but several baskets for the collection of solid waste.

Vacationers forget their daily routines because from the shore wonderful beings watch over their actions, with special care for children, who have no perception of risk. They are the lifeguards, young and strong boys who do not let themselves be hurt by the persistent glare of the sea or by the harsh sun on their skin. One of them is Dennis Utria Barrera, who has his best weapons in his eyes, legs and arms to watch, run and swim.

"The main task is to prevent drowning. And the other is to try to maintain the physical distance between people, because of the situation the country has with the COVID-19. If by chance some sick people arrived there would be less risk."

"Sometimes parents neglect their children and we have to be more vigilant. Some start drinking, having fun and forgetting. And they have to be watched all the time.
"This summer I'll act just like I did last year. I'll keep an eye on them because I like everyone to come to the beach and enjoy themselves and leave in the afternoon without any problems."

July is over, but August is an opportunity for those who have not yet arrived at this place, where Dairis, Flor, Dennis and many others are waiting, determined to make sure that the hearts of the visitors are captured by the simple beach that, in the shape of a horseshoe, will never be forgotten.