The vaccination campaign for cattle and horses is very depressed

Strengthening the bases for the diagnosis, prevention, control, and eradication of diseases and pests that affect animals, and regulating good livestock management constitutes the main priority of the animal health department of the Delegation of Agriculture in the province of Las Tunas, so its specialists carry out arduous work to maintain the health of the basic mass of pork, poultry, cattle, sheep and goats, pets, and migratory species.

Less accidents but more victims in Las Tunas in 2023

The 373 traffic accidents that occurred in the eastern province of Las Tunas in 2023 left a trail of mourning in families, with 25 people dead and 237 injured, figures that show the seriousness of these events caused - in a high percentage - by indiscipline in the tracks.

Coconnut planting momentum in Las Tunas

Some 819 hectares of coconut were reported in the province of Las Tunas at the end of the year 2023, which indicates a gradual growth of this fruit in the lands belonging to the private and state sectors in the eight municipalities.

Alcides Alonso, cattle rancher

Whenever he tried to move away from the countryside and live in the city, Alcides Alonso Borrero felt uncomfortable, because his peasant origins and his family tradition dictated the awareness that it was in the mountains where he had his reason for being.