Iván Lima expressed that in case of having evidence the means to denounce an electoral fraud is not the OAS. Photo: @MinJusticiaBolThe Minister of Justice and Institutional Transparency, Iván Lima, criticized this Saturday the meeting held by the president of the Pro Santa Cruz Committee, Rómulo Calvo, with the Secretary-General of the Organization of American States (OAS), Luis Almagro.

La Paz.- According to Lima, the meeting served for both to continue with their conspiracy against national democracy, since they are trying to ignore the election that anointed Luis Arce as Constitutional President of Bolivia with 55.1 percent of the votes.

The state authority questioned that Calvo took advantage of the meeting to present evidence of the alleged electoral fraud and that Romulo Calvo should be delivering those documents to the Public Prosecutor's Office.

"Those who distrust the elections and on top of that distrust the Public Prosecutor's Office to bring the case, have the legal option of themselves installing, through a private accusation, a process against those they believe responsible. But if they have the evidence of the alleged fraud, it is time for them to present it, to support their accusation", indicated the Minister of Justice.

At the end of the meeting with Luis Almagro, Calvo said that "the Democratic Charter is in the hands of all countries to avoid mourning, pain, and war in a country that only seeks freedom and democracy," without giving explanations about the evidence he was handling.

The civic representative (close to the questioned Fernando Camacho) also requested the application of the Inter-American Democratic Charter in the case of Bolivia, with the argument of an alleged internal war and that the country distanced itself from the OAS.

This resource of the regional organization contemplates the procedure to act in case of a rupture in the democratic order in a member country. (RHC)